Anatomy April 2 – Skin

Anatomy April The skin is the largest organ in our body, it not only protects us from invading pathogens (Viruses, bacteria, etc.) but in changes in temperature and ultraviolet radiation. It maintains the balance of fluids of your body through sweating and synthesizes vitamin D from the sun. It also accounts for about 3-5kg of … Continue reading Anatomy April 2 – Skin


Anatomy April 1 – Human Tissue

Anatomy April Every cell in your body has a special specialisation that is related to maintaining homeostasis. When groups of cells with the same specialisation or function come together they form a tissue. In other words, the type of cells defines the type of tissue. There are four main types of tissue in the human … Continue reading Anatomy April 1 – Human Tissue

US$ 3.2 Million Grant will Help Fund Malaria Vaccine

The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund has awarded the University of Florida and partners in the United States and Japan $3.2 million to advance a promising vaccine to prevent transmission of malaria. The vaccine will be a Transmission Blocking Vaccine (TBV) and will break the cycle of disease transmission. Malaria is a possibly life-threatening disease … Continue reading US$ 3.2 Million Grant will Help Fund Malaria Vaccine